Cylindrical Slide Rules & Calculators

Fuller Model No.1

The Fuller Calculator. Manufactured by W F Stanley London. These calculators are supplied in a fitted wooden box with a metal mount that fits into the end of the box to enable the calculator to be mounted for desk use. The lower image shows this clearly and is a scan from the front of the manual.

Model No.1 Shown below, is - according to the handbook - For calculations involving :- Multiplication, Division, Proportion, Percentages,
and Combined multiplication and division. Scale length 41ft 8in.

Model No.2. This is similar but with two extra scales on the inner cylinder in place of the data table. A scale of logarithms to four decimal places, and a scale of sines from 5 deg 45 min, up to 88 deg.

The Fuller-Balewell Calculator. This is similar to the previous model except that the scale of constants has been replaced by two logarithmic scales, one of cosines squared and the other of sines multiplied by cosines. It is primarily intended for surveying and levelling applications