Standard Slide Rules

PIC - A.G. Thornton (British Thornton)



AG Thornton was originally established as a manufacturer of drawing instruements. It took over The Precision Instrument Co in 1901. PIC slide rules were then added to their range. The plastic slide rules where manufactured in the 1960s and in 1967 the company became British Thornton.
PIC Model 101 PIC Model F 3650 PIC Model 4455 PIC Model 121 PIC Basic PIC Model 131 PIC Model P3648
PIC Model A.P.1448 PIC Junior R509 PIC F3654/PC8 PIC 251 PIC 171/PC17 PIC 132 (23 inch)
AD 150 AD 070 AD 50 Log-Log P 271 Log-Log P 281 Standard AD 060 Standard
P221 Comprehensive AD 020 Log-Log