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The Unique slide rule is probably the most common U.K. slide rule and, being reasonably inexpensive, practically every student and engineer would have used one at some time or other, alongside a set of logarithm tables. There are many types to be found, they are usually in fitted cardboard boxes, those from the 1950s are often price stamped on the inside of the box at about ten shillings (10/-) 50 pence in today's money - or 'half a quid' - to eleven shillings and six pence (11/6). Although the slide rules and their boxes seem to have survived in reasonable condition for the past 30 - 70 years, their instruction manuals didn't. This was probably due the tight fit in the box and, when the user became efficient, filing them in too safe a place or dumping them in the waste paper basket.

This page will navigate you to some of them. In some cases the cursor has not been included in the scan so that the slide rule lies flatter on the scanner bed for better image quality. The scans are a compromise between quality and download time.

Unique slide rules were made for general maths, electrical and mechanical engineering, commercial, navigation and monetary use.